Jumpstart SQL: Free Introductory Lessons

This course is designed to give you a quick and clear introduction to the world of databases, with no prior experience required.
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Foundation for Future Learning

This course provides a foundation in database concepts, making it an essential first step for anyone interested in technology or data management. Understanding these basics is crucial for advancing to more complex topics in SQL and database design.

Quick Learning Curve

Designed to be concise and straightforward, the course allows you to grasp the essentials of databases quickly. In just a few lessons, you’ll gain a clear understanding of fundamental concepts, ideal for busy individuals who want to learn efficiently.

No Experience Needed

You can start this course with no prior knowledge of databases or SQL, making it accessible to everyone. It's perfectly tailored for beginners and provides a gentle introduction without overwhelming technical jargon.
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course contents

What's included?

Real-world problems.

You'll gain practical learning experience by solving real-world problems.

Learn SQL easily with us.

Learn SQL with us to gain a clear, practical understanding that prepares you for real-world applications. Our expert-led training simplifies complex concepts and equips you with skills for immediate success and career advancement in data management.

With us, you get more than just SQL training.

Our SQL training goes beyond basic instruction by incorporating hands-on projects, personalized support, and insights into industry best practices. This approach ensures that you not only learn SQL, but also how to apply it effectively in various professional scenarios, boosting your analytical capabilities and making you a valuable asset in any data-driven role.
Meet the instructor

Eric Vanier

With over 25 years of experience as a SQL and Database Performance Specialist, I have extensive expertise in optimizing and managing databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MariaDB.

I specialize in performance optimization and data architecture, and I am also a certified Agile practitioner and published author on MySQL topics.  Click here to see 

Passionate about education, I frequently conduct training and development programs to empower teams and enhance their database management skills, adding significant value to organizational operations.